Who Is LAPP?

The Local Authority Protection Programme Disaster Fund (LAPP) is a cash accumulation mutual pool. Civic Financial Services Ltd is the Fund's Administration Manager.

The LAPP Fund was established in 1993, to help its New Zealand local authority members pay their share of infrastructure replacement costs for water, sewage and other essential services damaged by natural disaster.

Since 1991, central and local government has shared responsibility for these costs. Beyond a threshold, central government will pay 60% of the restoration costs, leaving local authorities 40%.

Of the 78 local authorities in New Zealand, 22 are currently Fund members.

Fund Administrator and Membership enquiries:

Fund Administrator:

Civic Financial Services Ltd
PO Box 5521
Wellington 6140
New Zealand
Phone: (04) 978 1250


Charlie Howe
Chief Executive
Email: charlie.howe@civicfs.co.nz
Phone: (04) 978 1257

Ian Brown
Executive Consultant
Email: ian.brown@civicfs.co.nz
Phone: (04) 978 1263

Trustees of the LAPP Fund:

Langley Cavers
CEO, Hauraki District Council

Andrew Dalziel
GM Customer & Community, Porirua City Council

Tim Davies
Professor, Natural Hazards, University of Canterbury

Dan Gordon
Mayor, Waimakariri District Council

Charles Hett
National Leader, Deloitte Actuarial Services

Craig Little
Mayor, Wairoa District Council